What if I Don’t Feel God and Don’t Know if I Ever Have?

Is God real? Is he actually involved in my life, or just out in the universe somewhere? Am I following God, or does this just feel right because it’s what I want to do? These aren’t easy questions to ask. They are vulnerable, raw. They are scary to ask, because [...]

What’s the Difference Between Storytelling and Testimony Sharing?

Dear friend, If you chose to read this post because you want to share the hope of Jesus with people, you are bold and brave and have a beautiful heart. Our world isn’t really looking for people to tell them about God these days, as I’m sure you’re aware. People [...]

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The Tensions I’ve Faced Talking about Female Leadership

When I first started writing about leadership, I called my series Feminine Foresight. I planned to write all about the leadership experience for women, the good, the bad, the ugly. But most of all, I wanted to highlight the truth that women are amazing leaders. Just as we are. In [...]

How to Talk About God in Your Story

I've been asked this question several times since publishing Tell It Well. "How do I talk about God to people who don't share the same beliefs as I do," is a question central to the theme of my book. I asked this question because it's challenging and complex. There isn't one right way, but [...]

Understanding Bias & Double Standards for Women

Both bias and double standards have a negative effect because they make things unfair. Whether it’s selection for a promotion, choosing a teammate in gym class or being evaluated for a presentation, bias and double standards are likely influencing the outcome of the decision. The negative forms of bias and [...]

Are you a leader or a follower?

That’s a hard question to answer, isn’t it? If you’re like me, your initial answer might be, “Yes?” And that’s A-okay! We can be both leaders and followers in different portions of our professional and social life. So in reality, the issue isn’t about which category you fall into, but [...]

The ‘Bossy’ Lady Struggle

Happy Wednesday! I hope this edition of Feminine Foresight shines rays of encouragement, reflection and expectation into your mid-week. I’ve got some gooooooood things to share with you today! So let’s get into it. Imagine that we’re all in a room together. (Wouldn’t that be great?) And I said the [...]

Meet the Medieval Queen that Will Rock Your World

I took a deeeeeep dive into medieval history these past couple of weeks. 😛  I don’t really know how it started, but it ended with me reading a historian’s complete dissertation (300 pages long!) on the life of Mathilda of Flanders. I was engrossed. This medieval queen, whose name I [...]

Why ‘Women’s Leadership’ is a Conversation We Need to Move Past

When the ideas that turned into Feminine Foresight first started churning in my mind, one of the clearest thoughts I had was, “We need to move past the “Women’s Leadership” conversation.” By that, I mean that I so wish female leadership wasn’t an issue that needs addressing. To move past [...]

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