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I’m Jennifer Spoelma.

This is the hub for all my projects and passions.

Whether it’s creating tools & content to help you find and share your story, serving up the latest leadership insights or posting inspirational interviews – I’ve always got something cooking.

I believe that knowing your story transforms your life.

That everyday ‘bleh’ stuff, the heart-wrenching, painful times and those over-the-moon joyful moments included.
They all have purpose and beauty in your story.

I loooooove helping people understand and articulate their stories. It’s so powerful when you internalize the truth that you have a story and it is worth sharing. My hope is to empower people to share those stories confidently and authentically. My heart beats to see Christ-followers living fully in the understanding they are loved, forgiven and free.

When we live in this way, we are able to engage with the people around us in genuine, loving ways. And that opens up doors to find common ground and share our faith with others.

Meet Jennifer

I love using words to encourage others. My prayer is that my words challenge you to turn your attention to God and the work he is doing in your life. I hope that you leave my blog with a full heart that’s at rest knowing that God has made you and blessed you with immeasurable value, purpose and potential.

I live in Tucson, Arizona with my handsome husband, Trevor. Together we enjoy hiking and camping throughout the southwest, staying up-to-date on the news and being silly all the time.

Behind the Scenes Adventures

About My Work


I love sharing content on my blog that inspires and encourages. One of the ways I enjoy doing this is through sharing interviews and stories people others have contributed. If you have a story you’d like to share on my blog, please don’t hesitate to tell me about your idea. However, while I would love to share everyone’s stories, I do not guarantee to accept or publish all submissions. That’s why it’s best to email me first so we can decide if the story your pitching is a good fit for my blog.

It is an honor to receive requests to to share posts and excerpts from my writing. I would love for you to share links to my writing or small quotes and excerpts, you can credit me by linking to this website, or tagging me on Twitter or Instagram as @jenniferspoelma. You don’t even need to ask me first! However, if you’re interested in sharing a long excerpt or entire post on your blog or website, I ask that you contact me first for permission. Thank you!


Work With Me

Want to Collaborate on a Project?

We’re better when we work together, aren’t we? I’m all about collaboration. If my message compliments your mission, I’d love to learn how I can contribute through writing or speaking. 

If you have something you believe will benefit my audience, please do share! I always aim to serve up the best content. 

Workshops & Speaking

Looking for a relevant and meaningful message to offer your group? I’d love to chat about my Empowered Story Sharing Workshop or speaking on topics related to story finding/sharing, creating common ground, leadership and empowering women.

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