Mashup: How do you see beauty in other women?

Beauty for me is when people trust each other, when people smile at each other, and when people help each other. Beauty is honesty. Beauty is truth. Beauty is the sensation of being present in the world, fully encompassing the past and the present to understand exactly where you are.

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Beauty is never having a furrow in your brow


I genuinely believe that God is the answer for every problem but not everyone is going to come to the church for help. I think that it could be God’s mercy that biblical concepts can be used to help people, and in secular counseling centers perhaps without quoting chapter and verse.

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Beauty is Choosing Grace Over Guilt

I believe excessive guilt is toxic to a healthy, balanced life. Somewhere along the way we learned that if we just make ourselves feel bad enough about our bodies, our choices, our looks, etc. we'll finally have the motivation to make a change. We've learned to use guilt as a motivator. But this rarely works and if it does, it's a miserable path to take.

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