Coconut Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Donuts (GF & V!)

To me, this donut recipe feels a lot like a long lost treasure. Donuts, as you may have noticed, have been trending in the past year or so. I love it, even though I find it a little bizarre. Last summer after I was diagnosed with my food sensitivities it felt like every week my instagram and twitter would have increasingly more photos of beautiful donuts and donut shops.

Why I Write Jenuine Life

I have a dream of seeing women come together and encourage one another to embrace the beauty they possess. I believe that once we embrace our beauty we are more able to share it with the world. I want to see women speaking truth and life into each other. I want to see women overcoming the jealousy and comparison we so easily fall into by celebrating beauty in ourselves and those around us.

How do I share my story when it involves hurt from other people? 

This question, I believe, was my biggest obstacle in my nonfiction writing classes. I was striving to be honest, “show” not “tell” in my writing, and at the same time produce something that others could relate to. But I kept hitting dead ends, not knowing how to communicate tough issues [...]

Super Smooth Hummus (sesame free!) #newfoodieproject

When I found out about my food sensitivities last summer, one of the things I was most devastated to lose was hummus! I had to stop eating it because it is made with tahini, a delicious sesame paste, and I have a sensitivity to sesame.  All of the store bought [...]