How to celebrate others’ successes well

The good Lord is leading me down exactly the path He wants me on, and that I need to be on, even if I can’t recognize the purpose in the moment. When my mind and heart rest in that truth, I am able to cheer others on genuinely. This is because I know that my future is secure and I can see that their success is exactly where they’re supposed to be, too.

Beauty and the Art of Honesty.

My art history professor just said something recently that gave me comfort. He said "Most artists will complete 1-3 masterpieces in the lifetime." He encouraged us to relax and do what we love, that's the whole point. He also said that even if we do create a masterpiece, people probably won't like until we are dead anyway, haha. I am challenging myself to be proud of the things I make, to ask for help form the people I am jealous of, and to RELAX.

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Why is it so hard to extend grace to ourselves?

Once the shame cycle has started, we become afraid of exposing ourselves to ones we love and even to Jesus, the Judge Himself. Shame tells us to keep it all managed inside, in a dark corner where we must try to keep everything concealed and quiet. And maybe the shame does stay quiet, but the whispers that sneak out that only you can hear are the most dangerous noises shame could make.

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#newfoodieproject Rustic Carrot Cake {V & GF!}

Welcome to the first official #newfoodieproject post! If you missed the post where I explained what the #newfoodieproject is all about and why I'm doing it, you can check it out here. Today's recipe I'm sharing is a beautiful carrot cake with decedent "cream cheese" frosting that is totally gluten [...]

Contentment is Beautiful.

For me, the greatest enemy of contentment is comparison. When I let myself slip into the trap of comparing myself constantly to those around me, it is impossible for me to be content. In those moments, I am believing the lie that what God has given me is not what is best for me, as if he's holding out on me, and that if he really had good things for me, he would give me the things/qualities/skills that I admire/envy in others.

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