Beauty: Finding a Way to Change the World.

We like the idea of others not suffering, but as soon as it costs us something, We’re suddenly unwilling. There are many other opportunities to be environmentally and socially conscious besides just our consumption habits, but that would take a long time for me to explain. Through my research, I’m learning how to be a more responsible consumer and hope to bring awareness to these issues.

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Beauty: Following God by Pursuing Your Talents & Dreams.

This post is part of the Jenuine Life It's Your Turn series and was contributed by my girl, Jilly! I’m so excited to introduce to you my best friend of 17 years, Mary! When I think back to the first day of kindergarten when I met my neighbor Mary, I [...]

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Embracing Beauty Through Spiritual Gifts

I may never be as good as someone else and certainly never be perfect. And that's not what it is about.I am belittling God if I think that He cannot be glorified in my weakness. In reality, His strength is made perfect in weakness. God has given me a unique gift to reflect His glory and bring pleasure to Him. So I should honor and love Him by using it.

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The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away.

I have zero idea what the Lord has in store for me next, ladies. And I bet there are quite a few of you out there in the same boat. Whether it’s college decisions, relationship situations, job situations or otherwise, let’s encourage one another to keep our eyes where they belong – set on things above, on Christ Himself.

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