How to deal with 28 food sensitivities (Part 2)

You can find Part 1 of this mini-series here.Hey there! There have been all sorts of transitions since this summer for me and my husband. As I mentioned on Monday, discovering that I had 28 different food sensitivities was definitely a big one.In was unexpected, overwhelming, and my heaven's - was [...]

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Beauty: Life on Mission as a Conduit.

God’s called all of us to a sacrificial love, and that is the pouring out of the conduit, which is extremely hard because it come from dying of self and it can’t be selfish. It means being hurt sometimes. It means being vulnerable and transparent. I think being open with others is not something that a lot of people think is a love language but it speaks volumes just to be able to relate to someone and to love sacrificially. A lot of times for me it looks like serving others.

How to deal with 28 food sensitivities (Part 1)

A week after we got home from our honeymoon I had a doctor's appointment scheduled with my preventative health doctor. About a month prior I had gone in to see him to get tested for food sensitivities.It had been almost 2 years since I had stopped eating gluten and eggs (two things I knew I reacted to) but I couldn't figure out what was making me feel constantly sick.

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Beauty: Boldly Preaching the Good News.

This post is part of the Jenuine Life It's Your Turn series! This interview was contributed by the one and only, Maddie.Marissa is a junior at in college, studying for a major in pre-Seminary and a minor in Youth Ministry. She has two wonderful sisters: her twin, Maleah and her [...]

Roasty Toasty Fall Recipes – Your house will smell amazing!

It's no secret that I've been finding myself getting pretty jealous of all my friends up north recently with all of their adorable pictures of themselves at apple orchards and other Fall festivities. The colorful trees as backdrops PLUS cute scarves and boots is almost enough to make me think that [...]

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