Beauty: Passion, Work Ethic, and Balance.

Hi, Jenuine Life friends! My name is Ashleigh, and the fabulous author and creator of this unique blog, Jenny, is my cousin and good friend. Speaking of Jenny, guess who got engaged?! I'm just going to go ahead and announce it to the blogosphere for her, Jenny's getting married to [...]

5 Easy Ways to Organize Your Life

Happy Monday! This past weekend I embarked on quite the challenge: Organize Everything. And let me tell you, I feel so rejuvenated, peaceful, and overall happy now that everything is clean and in it's place. I didn't necessarily plan on spending my weekend cleaning and organizing, but I knew I [...]

Beauty: Lessons of Love through Community.

Kelsey Rae. I was able to sit across the table from this girl two times in the past week - both times I left feeling blessed and so encouraged. I felt brighter; illuminated. It struck me how perfectly her name fits her. It's Kelsey's essence to shine, like rays of [...]

Jenuine Life Goals: Looking Ahead at 2014

Hello friends! Happy Monday to you all! I know it's already bean 2014 for 20 days now, but I'm talking about goals for the new year nonetheless today! (Maybe it will help to re-inspire some New Year's resolutions?;) A few weeks ago I read this interview on Mary Beth's blog, [...]